How good is SAP as a career? Is SAP a good choice

Most of the  people don't even know the reality of SAP career, what actually are pros  and cons, most of the time there is no proper guidance and  that leads  to a miserable life.

Why people choose SAP?
  1. Huge number of people working in manufacturing industries(chemical plants,  automobile, steel plants etc) have a very tough profile. For eg in case  of maintenance engineer, job can be too demanding, physical , no  entertainment  and tremendous pressure to keep machines running. Now  the engineers who entered in core fields now after few years(or many  years) when see that friends are having coolest of job as a  techie(which of course is not), think of alternate solution. They look  for fields where they can migrate to leaving behind all the years of  experience in a plant.

  2. Thinking that they will get much high package than current job and salary

  3. They will have a relatively less stressful life

  4. They will have a great career ahead

  5. They will travel lot of countries

  6. They will end up in gulf earning millions of Rupees

  7. Its easy to get in SAP at any stage, simply get certificate and job is secured.

  8. They will actually work on cool software showing creativity


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